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Launching December 2020

While we are busy building an online platform to connect Trusted Advisors with SMEs, business startups and entrepreneurs – why not register your interest and we will keep you updated on progress

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Your business success is not just based on any advisors with strong technical wizardry over their respective disciplines, it is built on trust and our Trusted Advisors will gain your confidence and help you succeed quickly


What is

We are here to connect small and medium size businesses, individuals and early startup entrepreneurs with our ‘Trusted Advisors’ - world class professional advisors, all at the click of a button

- Access to Management Consultants

- Access to Strategy Consultants

- Access to M&A / Transaction Consultants

Trusted Advisor – I’d love to share my knowledge Expand my horizons – I’d love some advice

You have the knowledge, skills and expertise – why not earn a little extra?

Earn as you advise

Have you got a wealth of experience you would love to share with our community of business owners and curious entrepreneurs why not become a Trusted Advisor?

Earn as you advise – set your rate per hour and for every successfully completed appointment take home 100% of your fees

Expand your personal client base. Get to know our community and have a chance to win follow on work directly with them

Refine your advisory skills, and test your knowledge in a safe environment along side your day jobs

Connect with other professionals, building your wider advisory network with a common link back to our community


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it
- Henry David Thoreau


Quick and easy access to experienced business advisors, we are here to connect you at the click of a button

Our platform will give you access to experienced Trusted Advisors across the business and professional services industry. You will be able to book a meeting session at the click of a button.

Whether you want to bounce your ideas around, get advice on your existing business challenges or simply test out new ideas, our Trusted Advisors are here to help

Connect with highly skilled, trained and professional advisors at the fraction of the cost you would pay a consultancy firm – an hourly rate from anywhere between £20 to £150

Expand your professional network – we aren’t precious here at, take that relationship and build on it in the real world!

This is a safe environment – your challenges, questions and curiosity is what motivates and inspires our Trusted Advisors

All your sessions are sealed – our Trusted Advisors agree not to discuss or comment on the meeting with any other party

Exclusive Features


Easy Access

Instant access to all our Trusted Advisors, no upfront fees, no contracts, no commitments

Just browse, click and book


Trusted Advice - without breaking the bank

We will give you access to leading Trusted Advisors at a fraction of the cost consultancies can offer

We keep our costs down so you can keep yours down


Building your networks

Found a Trusted Advisor you love to work with? We want you to succeed here at

After your initial meetings, connect offline and build your success together

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